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Factual Thought's

Mar 5, 2019

Just Smollet, Surviving R Kelly, Presidential candidates we talk about a lot

Feb 20, 2019

Were back after a long break. Denzil, Isaiah and Yonas discuss Kareem hunt signing with a new team and whether they think he should have lost his job in the first place. Takashi 69 and what snitching actually is as well as a long discussion about Killer Mike and the public Vs private school debate. 

Dec 24, 2018

This episode is just some of the highlights from the year The episodes highlighted were

Ep. 34 Poopoo Stories

Ep. 49 Gay Astronaut 

Ep. 42 Interview with SSG Cannedy

Ep. 48 with Mack and Nelly 

Ep.50 Manic Depression with Lester

Ep. 37 Justin Startzel

Ep. 32 Inky Visions with Cal Bonner

Valentines Day Special with...

Oct 24, 2018

Today our friend Lester is back to tell us his story about his manic episode. Lester speaks about what got him to what he felt was his lowest point and the support from his family and loved ones that got him through it all. This episode is Lester story of what he went through and how he deals with his ongoing battle...

Oct 10, 2018

This week its just Denzil and Isaiah. We discuss the madden tournament shooter gun laws and a lot of other interesting topics.