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Factual Thought's

May 6, 2020

After a long break were back with a episode recorded over zoom and streamed on twitch live. this video is still available on twitch and will be available on youtube soon. I just started my twitch gaming channel make sure to follow for more interviews and gaming stuff. follow us on twitch at

Jan 11, 2020

With the first episode of the new year Denzil has guest Emotion the Poet and Jalen from the artist collective Fun.Da.Men.Tal. They talk about their influences in art what their collective is and many different topics.

Dec 1, 2019

This week Denzil sits down with his wife Ashley and his friend Yonas again. They talk about Flame Monroe's interview on the breakfast club. If you should get mad at your friend or your significant other for choosing up and many other things. 

Nov 18, 2019

You guessed it we talk about TI being an overbearing parent. This week Denzil has his wife on with him. They discuss how they feel they can raise a respectable young woman as well as how they would hypothetically deal with friends trying to date their ex.

Oct 27, 2019

Today Denzil is with his boy Yonas we talk about Tank's comments on lip service, sexuality, Denzil contradicts himself about politicians, what is the solution to transgender people playing sports and more!